Food, blessed food!

Food, blessed food! 1

Rule number one for each connoisseur is to present preference to food in any state of affairs. Food in any form is usually a choice. One of the many motives foodies tend to love a sure vicinity of worship is the prasadham. However, they are saying prasadham is the critical shape of food because of its divine strength. When it involves prasadham, each errand can be placed on maintaining, believes Ravindranathan, an IT expert and a proud meals lover. He says, “Prasadham is the quality part of journeying a temple.

Nothing can beat the only in Dharmashtala in Mangaluru. The prasadham is served on a banana leaf, beginning with smooth, fluffy white rice topped with tremendously divine ghee, combined with the saaru, curry with the mixture of spices, and toor daal and tamarind extract. Along with this, they serve a vegetable salad, which is mostly a mixture of potato and lentils and a sweet dish suffused with ghee that melts in your mouth, giving the quality palate pleasure.”

Foodie Divya Vivek, a style dressmaker for the plus-length phase, believes temple prasadham is a way of savoring God’s advantages; she says, “After the long wait inside the serpentine queues for prasadham, simply the aroma of the spices within the air gives you wish. Kukke Subramanya temple in Mangaluru is your golden price ticket.”


According to her, the ordinary prasadham right here is much like that in Dharmasthala, a multi-direction meal wrapping up with a sweet made from vermicelli and milk. She describes in detail how this dessert is in no way too strong or diffused —- it’s always the right percentage of milk and sugar. And, reputedly, in case you’re part of a VIP institution or have a special darshan ticket, then the prasadham is to die for. Divya extols, “They serve pro and fried flat rice with buttermilk, and you can in no way be satisfied with a single serving of it! Fried with coconut oil, the dish is loaded with this kind of burst of flavor that could affect you to begin cooking with coconut oil at domestic. Every spoon you savor simply dances in your palate, delighting each taste bud.”

Visiting the temple will become interesting and fun while the prasadham served is your favorite dish, says Vijay Shekar, a commercial enterprise development supervisor at a leading multinational organization. He says, “The Venkateshwara temple on Bengaluru’s JP Nagar Main Road serves polio is. This is one of the maximum scrumptious South Indian flavored rice dishes. It has a pleasing tangy-spicy flavor to it, with the crunchy marvel of groundnuts in every chew. They additionally serve candy laddoos manufactured from flour, natural ghee, and sugar with dry fruit.”

One of the most well-known temples in India is the ISKCON, and it’s also widely known for its philanthropic practice of serving mid-day food to students in government schools. Speaking approximately their prasadham, Venuvadana Prabhu says, “We offer a free, luxurious lunch prasadham to temple site visitors each day. We serve simple white rice, lentils curry with veggies like drumsticks, pumpkin, and others, a vegetable salad made of Bengal gram and candy Pongal, rice boiled in jaggery, and milk. Apart from this, we serve khichdi, easy one-pot rice, and a lentils dish served in green bowls. Over 33 kgs of rice and 25 kgs of moong daal are used for one meal provider. During the week, we have services in an afternoon, and over the weekend, it is going as much as five to 6 times.” If there’s anything calculated to make one worship God even greater, this is probably it for nowadays’s foodies.

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