Drive-Thru Analysis: State Of The Fast Food Nation (Video)

Drive-Thru Analysis: State Of The Fast Food Nation (Video) 1

We had been following McDonald’s (MCD) very closely since the March 2018 lows but have been bullish since overdue 2014. We added it to our StockWaves Coverage List in early May 2018 after a preliminary “i-ii” begin to a bigger 5th wave concentrated on one hundred ninety-195 on the time. However, the pattern on MCD morphed right into a “Diagonal” but has endured to fill out properly as anticipated and endured to keep aid degrees stated for even similarly extension. As it comes into the final feasible “squiggles” of a topping sample, we notion it is probably an amazing time to look at it and a number of its fast meals restaurant friends.

As discussed inside the video above, MCD is nearing an Ending Diagonal pattern off the 2018 low. This completes the 5th wave of a bigger degree 0.33 wave. Elliott Wave teaches us that the preliminary drop out of an Ending Diagonal may be pretty extreme. The larger fourth wave will regularly goal where the ED originated (i.E. The 2018 lows). In that manner, we are looking for a corrective decline in the direction of at least the 150s as a three-wave move and probably plenty deeper in a bigger Primary wave 4 properly into 2020. MCD Daily chart showing (5) of P.Three and P.Four projection.

Fast Food

We do not often observe the basics. However, when do we prefer to have a look at P/S and P/E ratios. Using those charts almost as oscillators can give offer measures of while investors located valuations extreme. At nearly 7, MCD is well beyond previous ranges for P/S that buyers have shied far from in the beyond. Back in 1999, quickly before the Cycle diploma wave III pinnacle, P/S almost got to five before MCD slid over 75% into the 2003 low.

For a maximum of this rally, it has remained underneath the 4-level (yellow band) best popping over it in the very last Intermediate diploma (five)th wave off 2015 lows. It is thrilling to the word that simply the circulate as much as 130 in 2016 turned into sufficient for all of that (5); however, maintaining 110 as an ABC and turning up into 2017 morphed that right into a “1-2” of miles greater extended (5)th. Not as extreme, however, nonetheless nicely off the bottoming region MCD’s P/E of nearly 25 puts it beforehand of many big tech companies.

The subsequent speedy food name we observe, to begin with, had MCD as a primary investor in its early years. McDonald’s helped Steve Ells grow Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) from sixteen eating places to over 500 between 1998 and 2006. In 2006 CMG IPOed, and MCD divested itself. In the past due 2008, CMG made a brand new low under its IPO charge. When you consider that, then it’s been a robust momentum call and counts a strong Primary diploma five waves up into the 2015 pinnacle. The February 2018 low changed into near enough to the 38.2% Fibonacci retrace of that flow to count a huge Cycle diploma I-II. However, the fee movement considering is greater characteristic of a corrective rally for a big B-wave of a much broader Cycle II “flat” correction.

The C wave down of this large Cycle II is probable to re-target the same 243 vicinities that held as the 2018 low, or probably flow even decrease to the 170 location. The C-wave have to include five sub-waves, but because maximum of the rest of the market is searching out a three-wave flow as Primary wave 4, we should see comparable on CMG too, and it’d simply depend on the wider II as a complicated “WXY” instead of “ABC.” The Cycle wave I in CMG was an almost 2000% move. Due to the magic of logarithmic charts, the “every day” 138.2% Fibonacci extension for III projected off a capability low ~200 is over $13,000/proportion! Needless to say that StockWaves could be following this corrective retrace very intently as we start to get close to help.

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