Feature: Technology boom places China “a click away” from Chile

Feature: Technology boom places China "a click away" from Chile 1

SANTIAGO, July 17 (Xinhua) — Though Chile and China are separated through the full-size Pacific Ocean, they’re now just a click away from every different, thank you to fashionable technology. Millaray Lezaeta, 28, is a working example that technological advances have added the 2 nations closer. Lezaeta is the neighborhood social media manager for China’s experience-hailing organization DiDi Chuxing, which launched its operation in Chile in June. However, her publicity to Chinese society and items would not give up there.

When she visits buddies in the capital Santiago, she often rides one of the Chinese-made electric buses that shape a part of the metropolis’s mass transit fleet. At least once a month, she’s probably to make a web purchase thru AliExpress, one of China’s famous e-commerce websites. And she’s familiar with Chinese messaging apps, like WeChat, which we shall pay for purchases using their smartphones.

Her way of life and everyday stumble upon services and products of the Chinese starting place replicate China’s developing presence inside the South American united states and its “natural and quotidian” nature. A journalist by education, Lezaeta, stated she did not hesitate to accept the “undertaking” of working for a foreign corporation because she changed into attracted to China’s technological improvement and work subculture.

“For Asian agencies, the primary precedence is to offer their customers perfect service and a good consumer enjoy,” stated Lezaeta. The “increasingly robust” presence of Chinese manufacturers in South America, she believes, has enriched regional economies and societies. What’s more, she said, China’s growing cooperation in Latin America has brought the “democratization” of technology and its advantages through electric automobiles, smartphones, and other digital appliances made by Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei.


The extra than 200 electric-powered buses integrated this 12 months into Santiago’s mass transit network had been a success with commuters, like Lezaeta, who prefers them due to the fact they are “secure, heated, environmentally pleasant and silent.” In the past, Chileans viewed Chinese merchandise with a few skepticisms, as they were unsure of the fine, she recalled. However, that has modified in recent years as the ones equal Chinese groups have shifted their cognizance on quantity to great and commenced “selling accurate merchandise,” she stated.

Her common use of AliExpress is evidence of customers’ self-belief in state-of-the-art Chinese items she referred to. “I love it. I have used it to buy Christmas gifts, ornamental gadgets for my home, garments, sheet covers, bedspreads, the whole thing you can consider,” stated Lezaeta. Given her advantageous paintings revel in at DiDi Chuxing, Lezaeta is looking ahead to having an opportunity to go to China. “I would love to journey to China. I imagine I would see the future arena because Latin American international locations still have an extended way to head. If I go to China, I could see how the arena goes to be in a few years: every technological and very busy,” she said.

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