Paragon awarded NASA contracts to expand generation

Paragon awarded NASA contracts to expand generation 1

Tucson-primarily based Paragon Space Development Corporation is now under contract with NASA to improve and check out the generation that could keep fuel and cash. [NASA] was looking for an era on the way to without a doubt make a big difference,” Paragon President and CEO Grand Anderson stated. “In the atmosphere of… [where] humanity goes everywhere off the planet, life support is the type of the forgotten generation…If Paragon has a lock on the technology for doing this, we turn out to be a key participant regardless of anywhere humanity goes into the area.”

The agreement will assist Paragon to expand and check their patent-pending in situ aid usage (ISRU)-derived water purification and Hydrogen Oxygen Production (IHOP) subsystem through NASA’s NextSTEP BAA Program —a public-non-public partnership version that develops exploration abilities to support greater extensive human spaceflight missions. Paragon companions with Giner Inc., a Boston-based totally research and development firm that develops and commercializes electrochemical technology to purify naturally taking place deposits of water and generate oxygen and hydrogen at commercially aggressive scales.

According to Anderson, IHOP takes dirty water and runs it through a membrane filter that purifies it. Then Giner takes the purifier water and places it in an electrolyzer that produces hydrogen and oxygen. “Giner is proud to be part of this mission using our patented lightweight electrolyzer generation, which is the direct fabricated from over 30 years of PEM electrolyzer improvement with NASA for existence support, electricity storage, and ISRU,” Dr. Corky Mittelsteadt, CEO of Giner, stated in a statement.

The exercise of ISRU is anticipated to grow the safety and affordability of future human spaceflight missions by limiting the need to launch components together with oxygen, water, and propellant from Earth while allowing prolonged stays on the lunar floor. According to Paragon, as soon as IHOP is introduced to the moon, it’s going to offer the water and oxygen needed for a continuous human presence at the moon and the low-fee propellant needed to discover the solar system.


“Everything is ready getting things off of the planet, and the smaller the rocket, the less expensive it’s far,” Anderson stated. “If we will store heaps of pounds on a spacecraft that has to launch to the moon due to the fact they understand they can refuel on the moon instead of having to take all the gas with them, you come to be with a clearly good industrial case for providing that.”

But ISRU isn’t the handiest era Paragon is working on with NASA. First, the agency introduced it gained a NASA Small Business Innovation Research Phase II Award for its Condensate Separator for Microgravity Conditions (COSMIC) technology — which separates liquid condensate from the air with low strength draw and low-strain drop in the flow path while imparting the separated condensate strain to the Water Processing Assembly onboard the International Space Station.

NASA had been seeking out a generation that might facilitate low mass. Tremendously reliable thermal manipulates systems for exploration motors. COSMIC fills this gap by providing superior reliability and lets in for integration into the ISS and lunar vehicle architectures without enormous alteration of the structures with the aid of doing away with condensation without delay from the number one airflow route afford superior reliability.

“In the environment of [where] humanity goes anywhere off the planet; existence support is the type of the forgotten generation,” Anderson stated. “Paragon knows that irrespective of in which humans move, you’re going to have life support. So one of the dreams of Paragon is that whilst you or your children move up into the area, you’ll look up and see a plaque on the wall of the bulkhead of your space cock announcing ‘your lifestyles help using Paragon’ and also you’ll realize you’re in the best hands you may be in. The Paragon brand is one in every of excellence and very, superb generation.”

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