How to Use Technology to Optimize, Automate & Win

How to Use Technology to Optimize, Automate & Win 1

Adzooma backed this publish. The evaluations expressed in this article are the sponsor’s very own. Deciding which to deploy generation is one of the most profound decisions you need to make in the modern-day enterprise. Here’s simply one way to reflect on consideration on it:

What’s the primary gain of an era?

Productivity. Or, more particularly, the usage of machines to do things human beings spend an excessive amount of time on. Let’s recall a specific instance. With paid media like Google and Facebook Ads, the time you spend handling the debts you’re responsible for may be crippling. Pouring over information, trawling via keyword-making plans gear, tweaking your campaigns.

It all takes a lot of time. We determined this out the difficult way at Adzooma. See, earlier than the platform we built our enterprise, we began lifestyles as a small advertising enterprise. However, we wanted to scale up that our team of workers is spending an excessive amount of time on micromanagement. Pouring over spreadsheets and studying data intended they had much less time for high-stage strategy. We didn’t want that. So we constructed Adzooma.

Fixing the Problem

We built an era platform that could aid account managers. It allowed them to:

Do what they were doing, but without the fatigue. Be quicker. Be more productive. And then, we added it to the platform. And then we introduced to it a few extra. But that equal center precept approximately generation is at the core of what we do. Smart, effective, and clean to apply, our platform is championed using paid media novices and veterans alike for one simple purpose: It simplifies online advertising. We want to show you why.


Cut Through the Noise

Modern paid media campaigns generate massive records set. Figuring out what matters and what doesn’t can now and then be clean. But frequently, the numbers aren’t pretty as obvious as we’d like them to be. Adzooma’s Opportunity Engine analyzes your account 24 hours an afternoon. It does the everyday wide variety crunching for you to focus on the excessive-level duties a computer wouldn’t be any true at. Every unmarried one of the checks it makes pinpoint in which you may improve overall performance.

Better yet, it’s now not approximately “widespread nice exercise.” The Opportunity Engine is unique for your business, your industry, your data, and your clients. This topic because there may be a nobody-size-suits-all approach for paid media. What works for Shoe Salesman might not work for Big High Heels. It’s also why “10 quick paid media advert hacks for any business” articles are not often useful. Specific recommendations, which might be personalized to you, are what you need.

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