Microsoft demos ElectionGuard technology for securing electronic balloting machines

At the Aspen Security Forum nowadays, Microsoft demoed a brand new generation named ElectionGuard, which the organization said may be used to cozy contemporary electronic balloting machines. Microsoft is presently most effective demoing the new balloting tech in a managed environment and said it has no plans to release commercial vote casting machines under its brand. Instead, the OS maker said it’d launch the software in the back of ElectionGuard on GitHub, underneath an open-supply license, later this 12 months.

How ElectionGuard works

As Microsoft explained today, the era behind ElectionGuard is fairly easy and centers around some middle ideas. People who vote get hold of a monitoring code. They can use the tracking code on an election internet site to confirm that their vote has been counted and that the vote has not been altered. The monitoring code does now not screen the vote, so it may not permit 0.33-events to the peer who voted for who. ElectionGuard makes use of a so-referred to as homomorphic encryption scheme evolved in-house at Microsoft under Senior Cryptographer Josh Benaloh.
Homomorphic encryption permits the counting of votes at the same time as preserving the votes encrypted.

The ElectionGuard SDK additionally supports third-celebration “verifier” apps to independently test if encrypted votes had been counted properly and now not altered. Verifier apps have been created for voting officers, the media, or any 1/3 birthday celebration interested in the vote casting manner. ElectionGuard machines also can produce paper ballots, as a printed file of their vote, which voters can vicinity interior vote casting packing containers, like old fashioned votes. ElectionGuard additionally supports voting thru accessibility hardware, including Microsoft Surface or the Xbox Adaptive Controller.


ElectionGuard already garnering interest.

Microsoft hopes that vote casting machine makers will use its new ElectionGuard software program for their merchandise. According to Microsoft, the SDK has been warmly welcomed by using some vote casting system vendors already. “We formerly introduced that we’ve partnerships with providers that construct and promote greater than half of the voting systems used in the United States,” stated Tom Burt, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Customer Security & Trust.

“Today, we are excited to announce that we are also now partnering with Smartmatic and Clear Ballot, two of the main balloting generation providers, and Dominion Voting Systems is actively exploring the inclusion of ElectionGuard in their services.” ElectionGuard is simply the cutting-edge free supplying the organization includes to its Defending Democracy Program, which ambitions to provide free tools for governments and political events the world over, allowing you to shield the election process.

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