‘Natural food has energy to remedy lifestyle diseases’

‘Natural food has energy to remedy lifestyle diseases’ 1

Chennai: Deepam Chaudhary, 24, a businessman from Jaipur, is a happy man. His mother, who was laid low with most cancers, become cured after following a diet regime cautioned by Hyderabad primarily based nutritionist Nikhil Chaudhury. “My mother become laid low with most cancers. She changed into almost the ultimate degree of her existence in September 2013. Only because of the treatment, she survived a good deal greater than expected,” Deepam Chaudhury stated. A 65-12 months old bedridden diabetic from Bengaluru, who had closing stage cancer of the liver (12 x 10 cm lesion in 15 cm size liver), survived with the food plan schedule prepared via the nutritionist. After spending numerous lakhs of rupees on treatments, doctors instructed her that her days have been numbered, and they might live for simply 20 days.

After 40 days of following the strict diet, most of her parameters were below control without using an unmarried medicine. Another 52-12 months-vintage man from Bengaluru changed into identified with Glioblastoma multiforme grade IV, the deadliest most cancers, and due to its important area, the tumor could not be completely removed by way of surgical treatment. Two years in the past, doctors had given him only six months to stay. After taking place the special weight loss plan, he’s alive and kicking now.

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Kousik (22), working in an IT firm in Chennai, is also ecstatic as his ailment affecting the mind became cured recently. He thought his lifestyle might be miserable when he becomes identified with brain fog (a generally temporary state of dwindled mental ability), acid reflux, and hypoglycemia. But after following the stern weight-reduction plan and making minor modifications in his lifestyle, he got nicely. With support from the nutritionist, he becomes able to reverse the sickness.

Sneha Sharma of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh recalled that she battled continual ailments including hypothyroid, acute gastritis, low blood pressure, water retention, acne, and baldness for seven years. “After trying several treatments, I accompanied this strict weight loss plan chart, and now I have solved all of the unresolved problems,” she stated. Dr. Neeru Gupta, an ophthalmologist in Chandigarh, says, “I misplaced my appetite and was also mentally affected. After following naturopathy and a food regimen, I recovered rapidly. My appetite and power levels improved. My pals and my family all were happy that my body has started getting better and respiration troubles additionally cured.”

These are a number of the lots of human beings who’ve observed this novel treatment. Lifestyle sicknesses are developing at a very speedy tempo, and nearly anybody is affected. In most cases, these illnesses may be reversed by simply making some simple adjustments in weight loss plan and lifestyle, says Nikhil Chaudhary, the young Hyderabad-based nutritionist and public speaker totally. He says nutrients and lifestyle play a chief function in prevention as well as reversal of maximum illnesses. Diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, acidity, PCOS, excessive ldl cholesterol (Dyslipidemia), fatty liver, and cancer are either reversible or impacted deeply by weight loss programs and lifestyle.

Mr. Nikhil Chaudhary, a graduate in Biotechnology and a postgraduate in Dietetic and Food Service Management, study several thousands of studies papers and six hundred books on the concern. In the past nine years, he has conducted workshops for businesses and seminars organized through companies, schools, defense forces and spoken at clinical conferences and different boards. He has been engaged in creating focus approximately the significance of herbal food in combating way of life diseases. His customers are from the company zone, operating males and females, IAS and IPS officers, defense employees, aged males and females, personnel in private companies. He has more than 1.Four million perspectives on social media and answers questions thru Quora.

Mr. Chaudhury has cured lethal lifestyle illnesses and cancer, diabetes, blood strain, ldl cholesterol, liver disease. NRIs from 25 countries and Sri Lanka, the US, Canada, UK, Iceland, Dubai, Honk Kong, China, and Brazil are in contact with him frequently via WhatsApp and different social media for consultations. Primary determinants of coronary artery disorder (CAD), diabetes, and cancer are not genetic; however, environmental factors, such as weight-reduction plan and way of life. Thus, giant research has been achieved in figuring out modifiable determinants of continual diseases.

Good nutrition has the energy to treat and reverse lifestyle illnesses, Mr. Chaudhary stated. “After finishing B Tech direction, I consulted lots of research papers and discovered that reducing modifiable nutritional and lifestyle threat factors may want to save you maximum cases of CAD, stroke, diabetes, and most cancers. Dietary and lifestyle modifications would lessen the occurrence of continual sickness,” he said. He said that maintaining a healthful weight and regular physical activity reduces the threat of CAD, stroke, type 2 diabetes, colon and breast most cancers, osteoporotic fractures, osteoarthritis, and despair.

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