Mobile Transport Service in Ordu Receives Appreciation

Mobile Transport Service in Ordu Receives Appreciation 1

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has made investments to facilitate the social life of elderly and disabled individuals, is liked via its cell transportation carrier. Thanks to the provider, residents can tour hospitals, district offices, post places of work, courthouses, banks, and so forth. Public institutions and organizations together with. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality stated that they connect importance to offerings that facilitate human existence. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, ık We made touch to the lives of our citizens who could not fulfill their jobs in professional institutions due to their antique age and physical disability. We take our citizens from their houses with our ready automobile, which is introduced to the Metropolitan; we depart them returned to their houses after finishing their works in institutions. We are with all our citizens who want us. ”


During the 2018 project 12 months, way to the cellular group serving 43 instances to 398 humans and 2019 humans to 12 people within the 12 months of 131, disabled and elderly residents can receive hospital, district, post office, courthouse, bank and so forth—operations in establishments which include much much less time.


Citizens wishing to benefit from the disabled transportation carrier must touch the Metropolitan Municipality Public Relations Unit or Social Services Department. The petitions requesting the provider are tested using the professional employees, and the assessment is made to see whether the applicant has an incapacity file and that there are no inpatients. Persons with disability shipping offerings ought to use wheelchairs at maximum and now not be hospitalized.


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Chp’li Büyükerşen Appreciates Government’s Railway Projects 26/09/2013 Chp’li Büyükerşen from the Government of the Railway Projects Appreciation: Republican People’s Party (CHP) Eskisehir Metropolitan Mayor. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen said that he preferred the government’s venture on transportation and said vard There is a most effective excellent factor that this authority does, I say it with a CHP, it has given weight to the railways Yılmaz. Municipal Büyükerşen Speaking at a press convention inside the European Union building as a way to transportation troubles in Eskisehir in Turkey and pointed to practices inside us of a. The European Union and the Council of Europe, which have been looking to enter for years, stated that the town became the conditions. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen, “they did convey up open files in Turkey.” Turkey to get.

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The Cleaning of Söke Municipality inside the region of TCDD became favored thirteen/06/2019 The railroad passing thru the Atatürk Quarter of Söke and the surrounding location belong to TCDD. Citizens rebellious residents who have not been cleansing for the long term improved lawsuits from the municipality. Thereupon the Mayor of Söke Levent Tuncel, even as being attentive to the voice of citizens, did now not listen to the duty place, directed the groups across the railway. Söke Municipality’s crew of girls workers accomplished sizeable cleansing paintings across the railway. Dried herbs had been cut, and the timber has been whitewashed alongside the plant pruning. Atatürk Mahallesi Adnan Kahveci Street and Turgut Ozal Boulevard, the town was unworthy of photos between the developing grass growing on the street. Especially residents residing inside the environment react to this case,

Bids of Bolaman – Ordu – Piraziz Road BSK and Ordu Provincial Roads and BSK production tender were gathered 02/04/2014 KGM 7. Region Bolaman – Ordu – Piraziz Road BSK and Ordu Provincial Roads and BSK gentle bids were accumulated on highways 7. Regional Directorate, “Bolaman-Ordu-Piraziz Road Bituminous Hot Mixture (BSK) restore of the construction of the Army Provincial Roads and City Transit BSK production work” tender proposals were hung on the 24 March 2014. According to the information received using Investments Magazine, and the bids (¨) were determined as follows: 12.814.800,88. Akten Construction 1 10.993.725. Trust Construction 2 11.644.800. Hızır Construction three 14.277.114. Özka Construction four 14.573.413. Dörtyol Construction 5 Ref.:ör

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