KFC first UK fast meals chain to commit to new chicken welfare standards

KFC first UK fast meals chain to commit to new chicken welfare standards 1

KFC is to emerge as the first UK speedy food chain to join up to new European welfare requirements for farmed chickens and tackle growing issues about inhumane conditions in the in-depth and massive-scale manufacturing of meat. The pass with the aid of the America-owned chain – 18 months after the blueprint turned into unveiled – will strain competitors McDonald’s and Burger King and massive supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s to comply with match.

Supermarkets, restaurant chains, and hotel organizations have all been advised to commit to the so-referred to as European Chicken Commitment, which represents the first time a single set of necessities has been agreed on throughout the continent with the aid of a massive coalition of European animal safety businesses, such as the RSPCA. KFC’s UK and Ireland business stated it would show paintings carefully with suppliers and NGOs to elevate the minimum stage of welfare requirements throughout the enterprise by 2026. Its pass will cover its sourcing of chook within the UK and Europe, which make up the significant majority of its substances. However, it additionally buys a small quantity of hen from Thailand and Brazil.

The new necessities include stricter auditing approaches, reducing stocking density to offer birds more area in barns, and investing in environmental “enrichment,” which includes providing perches, pecking gadgets together with straw and veggies, and herbal daylight hours. In arguably the largest step to curb a number of the cruelest elements of the business, which sees fast-grown, over-bred birds collapsing underneath their personal weight, the new general stipulates a pledge to purchase slower-growing breeds. In the UK, beef sales have fallen in recent years, but chicken – seen as “wholesome” meat – has seen income upward thrust.


KFC’s Imposter Burger – a vegan patty crafted from Quorn and meant to copy chicken – was bought out last month inside the confined range of outlets stocking it. Although KFC is the biggest speedy meals bird chain inside the UK – the usage of an estimated 60 million chickens every 12 months in its 900-plus shops – its UK and Ireland sales account for the best four% of general hen income in the UK, with the lion’s percentage thru supermarkets.

Paula MacKenzie, trendy manager of KFC UK & Ireland, said: “Our customers care approximately improving the lives of the bird we buy. That’s why we’re adding our voice to the marketing campaign and inspiring others to do the equal – due to the fact to encourage real trade and initiate significant movement; we want the enterprise to move with us.”

The Humane League has been lobbying for McDonald’s – which uses big volumes of fowl in its nuggets and burgers – to sign up to the dedication too. Its managing director Vicky Bond said: “We welcome KFC’s pass. However, it highlights just what a laggard McDonald’s is. This will gain the lives of hundreds of thousands of chickens each yr in the course of their delivery chain. We implore the relaxation of this area and different food businesses to observe their footsteps.”

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