I Wish Google Would Figure Out What They’re Doing With Music

I Wish Google Would Figure Out What They’re Doing With Music 1

Google re-introduced YouTube Music in May of the remaining 12 months before making it broadly available to anybody in June. At the time, we have been informed to count on it to stay alongside Google Play Music, but that Google certainly handiest wanted a single track app at some point down the street, in place of two. The future turned into going to be YouTube Music, that a good deal became clean.

Here we are, even though, greater than 12 months later and now not a whole lot has really changed. Google Play Music remains alive (it just won’t seem like normal updates), it’s dated, buggy as hell, and could preserve to hold uncertainty with it till Google gives us a date for its loss of life. But once more, it’s nonetheless there, works (maximum of the time), has a top-class subscription tier, and consists of all of our tune collections.

YouTube Music, however, receives greater everyday updates, but it’s nevertheless no longer even near being the app that Google Play Music is. In the yr since it re-released as Google’s main music provider, it’s picked up charts, Sonos aid, integration with Google Clock alarms, and the potential to play neighborhood files. I can’t help but be the grew to become off by it, even though.


And what I mean there may be that YouTube Music feels extra like YouTube to me than a tracking app. There seems to be extra visual consciousness with getting admission to movies instead of simply directly music choice, curation, and playback. I’m probably not explaining this properly; however, apps like Google Play Music, Apple Music, and Spotify all experience song apps.

Music is the point of interest, in what may be a vintage school manner, even if there are a few extra features that would deliver in video or lyrics or something. YouTube Music seems more like a YouTube shell that cares more about you watching videos than just throwing on a playlist and going. Part of that might be because you need to pay for a premium for you to even pay attention to music through it with the display screen off; that’s ridiculous.

The other part of YouTube Music’s story to this point, out of doors of the incredibly lackluster app, is something I mentioned in December of last year. Remember how Google informed us that our Google Play Music collections, playlists, and choices might all make a “soft touchdown” onto YouTube Music? Yeah, that also hasn’t come about. There nevertheless is no syncing or importing, or merging of Play Music collections into YouTube Music.

While YouTube Music turned into driven, I decided that I’d deliver Spotify a few runs to peer what all the fuss became until Google found out what it was doing. I’m no longer sure Google, without a doubt, is aware of nevertheless. I want to leave Spotify and not simultaneously carry both Spotify and Google Play Music/YouTube Premium subscriptions. Like many of you, I’m still locked into the early chook Play Music fee of $7.99. That’s left me in a function I don’t really need to be in any longer.

That brings up another factor, too – which carrier does Google need new subscribers to use? Google hasn’t shut down get admission to thru Google Play Music, plus you can usually move to seize YouTube Premium for YouTube Music. I recognize that a subscription gets you access to both; however, after a yr of this, doesn’t Google need to start moving human beings into a single option?

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