How this music YouTube collection succeeds at ‘dancing about structure’

How this music YouTube collection succeeds at ‘dancing about structure’ 1

If you appearance beyond the raft of misattributed, inspirational charges plastered over your uncle’s Facebook profile, there are virtually some gems obtainable. You understand terms that, properly, include real know-how. One of those nuggets and a fave of mine is a quote attributed to Martin Mull: “writing approximately music is like dancing approximately architecture.” At its center, the quote highlights the problems in masking one medium in another. It appears to mention that dancing about structure isn’t smooth; however, can you manage it? Well, it’d be a sight to behold.

And that sight, friends, is Estelle Caswell’s Earworm. Earworm is a YouTube series that tells tales in the back of famous songs, exploring tracks in a visible way only describable as fucking exquisite. Watch this episode on repetition on the tune and strive to tell me in any other case. I dare you. Caswell commenced her Earworm journey as a video producer at Vox. At first, she spent her time on the organization adapting everyday information tales to video. However, she wanted to get paid to “think about the matters [she] surely loves.” Which, in her case, supposed track. This brought about her pitching some thoughts to Vox and, finally, creating Earworm. Over the display’s first season, Caswell has verified adept at dancing about architecture – however, in reality, coping with this feat is less difficult stated than carried out.

Building blocks

The first step to efficaciously dancing about architecture is finding the proper tale. When I spoke together with her, Caswell said it’s a balancing act. She has to make sure the music tale she desires to tell is exciting and visually appealing. Let’s start with the previous point: the subject itself. Earworm covers music in a way that doesn’t attend to the stories of the artists; as a substitute, it looks at the “nitty, gritty” information of a song, style, or fashion. This isn’t to mention there isn’t a human element – a ways from it; humans are essential to the testimonies – however, it’s more that it concentrates on production rather than contextualization.


Now, to surely discover a topic for Earworm, Caswell falls returned on her very own listening behavior. While she’s eating tune, she maintains an ear out (pun meant) for “common tendencies” – elements of songs that crop up over and over. Then, as soon as she’s found an appropriate subject, Caswell assesses if it’s been covered before. If not, she researches greater. She absorbs a whole lot of facts as viable. Then, she shapes the episode. An example of this technique is beneath. Caswell kept hearing a specific sound in an 80s song. She followed that thread all of the manners back to Stravinsky, finally weaving it into a rich narrative approximately the sound mechanics. As crucial as the subject of each Earworm episode is, it’d be pointless without the key a part of the collection: the visual. The switch of sound into motion; the actual dancing about structure.

First, Caswell wishes to be confident that her story will translate to video. Once that’s settled, her fulfillment comes down to a few things: creativity, effort, and timing. The first of those, creativity, is the toughest to quantify and formalize. These are all the small touches that increase Earworm: the waveforms and beat maps, the tape decks, and calculators. The variety of strategies used whilst representing or gambling track. Then come the intertwined attempt and timing. Caswell, a motion fashion designer using the exchange, emphasized the sheer quantity of strength and the limitless hours it takes to animate tune. If a single word is offbeat, the whole lot comes crashing down. Timing is paramount. But accuracy simplest comes with large amounts of labor.

A high example of that is Earworm’s episode at the triplet float in rap. It’s easy to observe the video’s opening without noticing the crisp timing, but the advent of effortlessness doesn’t come robotically – it takes serious work. If dancing approximately structure became easy, anyone would be doing it. It’s a language that’s at the coronary heart of “dancing about architecture.” Part of its impact stems from a few folks having each motion and production; they’re two disparate, disconnected worlds colliding. This is a trouble Caswell had to conquer too. With Earworm searching on the aforementioned “nitty, gritty” factors behind the tune, it had to discover how to speak to folks who know nothing about the concept while also catering to deeply immersed in sonic phenomena.

Caswell says her successful control of this boundary is her “[sitting] proper inside the middle” of the two agencies. When she creates a video, Caswell begins at ground zero and then – frequently with the assistance of experts – builds as much as something greater complex. A brilliant instance of that is probably my favorite Earworm video, the one on John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps.’ when this is blended with the thrilling challenge be counted, it method that even individuals who understand the complicated musical concept are compelled to have a look at an idea they might already know in a thrilling mild.

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