How Greg Theroux Is Transforming A Traditional Industry With Agility And Innovation

How Greg Theroux Is Transforming A Traditional Industry With Agility And Innovation 1

When Greg Theroux based his organization, Heritage Building Maintenance, in 2011 out of Des Moines, Iowa, he expected it as a local, industrial cleansing corporation that supplied actual solutions to huge groups. Eight years later, Heritage has experienced the sort of boom that maximum groups dream of – propelling Greg into a journey to transform both his company and himself as a frontrunner.

Growth From a Surprising Source

When I closing spoke with Greg, his commercial cleansing company had grown into The Heritage Group, which protected his legacy organization, Heritage Building Maintenance, and Heritage Microbial Control – his brand innovation. Greg planned to use his new microbial program to better role Heritage Group to scale past the extra Des Moines place. His issue changed into that Heritage might outgrow the area and need to enlarge.

Greg launched a promotional application to kickstart his new department and started to develop its consumer base. Also developing, but changed into his legacy company, which supplied greater traditional commercial cleaning offerings. Its boom changed into so extraordinary, in fact, that Greg needed to slow down developing the microbial application for you to comfortable and maximize the boom of his first division.

That became inside the fall of 2017. Nearly two years later, growth has held constant at about 40% 12 months over yr. Greg’s decision to pause on increasing outside Des Moines has proved an accurate one, as he maintains to keep tempo with the location’s needs.


“We’ve branched out a bit bit, [but we] nonetheless remember ourselves a more Des Moines business, and nonetheless the commercial enterprise is coming in. We do not see a reason at this point to amplify beyond the Greater Des Moines place.” Greg’s capacity to adjust fast and leverage boom opportunities is a testament to his brilliance and to his enterprise version – one of the most successful fashions that a commercial enterprise can put into effect.

Tried & True Business Model

Small agency solving a problem for huge companies. It’s an enterprise version that I’ve seen used over and over. It has never lost its reputation throughout history because it works so properly. Greg’s Heritage Group is no exception. By specializing in a carrier, those big groups want – keeping workspaces clean – Heritage has grown from $four million in sales to a projected $10 million this 12 months. They also made the Inc. 5000 list for the past 3 years, going for walks with 3 12 months increase the price of 265%. Greg couldn’t be happier, even though he notes that this kind of speedy boom comes with its demanding situations.

“It’s tough for those folks that have been in high fast boom businesses. You’ve got to make decisions and [..] be very intentional about what you do.” Intentionality and flexibility are precisely how Greg is adjusting himself and his enterprise’ structures in reaction to Heritage’s tremendous boom. Heritage has grown by way of almost one hundred personnel in years, maximum of them as ft on the street, appearing the shrunk offerings. Greg accelerated his guide crew as nicely, hiring an economic group, HR humans, and a controller.

He found out that his leadership needed to shift far from involvement inside the everyday operations. He finished this by way of placing a sturdy management crew in the region. That team handles administration, releasing Greg to focus on handing over his vision for destiny and locating the proper expertise to make that vision a truth. His vision? A new manner to define smooth that the market didn’t even realize it wished.

Envisioning The Future

Heritage Microbial Control gives a brand new manner to clean industrial homes that focuses on reducing pathogens. Most business cleaning businesses recognize “straightening up” and make the workplace appearance excellent; however, that level of the carrier does very little to lessen the bio-toxic burden in the workplace—Greg’s microbial program objectives to alternate that.

Their revolutionary provider is already gaining traction. Very few corporations in Greg’s industry are incorporating a program like this. Greg and his team take their proposal for the concept immediately from their customers – through listening, discovering, and looking at the offerings their customers want extraordinarily.

“We need to know why they want that provider. We’re in the cleaning commercial enterprise; however, our activity is to make their administrative center more healthy. And from there, we’re figuring out how to assist them.  And it’s actually the key.”

Greg’s visionary method for forging new niches inside the market is the difference between businesses that in no way develop beyond a certain point and become giants. Through studies and innovation, Greg and his crew are propelling their industry ahead. For Greg, it’s all a part of the amusing.

“We love to make changes before they are required. So we’re constantly speaking to people to investigate and discover what is subsequent. When we come to the marketplace, we’re up to now ahead of where all of us is even questioning at this point that it’s just an absolute blast to paintings on.”

Though most of their innovation is funneled towards the microbial division, Greg suggests that the ahead wondering strength has inflamed the whole organization. Even the legacy building protection division crew works to acquire the business enterprise’s next achievement goal.

With the extra agility of a small enterprise and progressive vision, Greg is guiding Heritage via lightning rapid boom and paving the street into a bigger, healthier destiny – one that I’m excited to observe spread. I’ll be following together with Greg’s journey to retain The Heritage Group’s growth at some point in the Des Moines place and past.

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