6 Copycat Italian Recipes That Are Way Healthier Than What You Get at Restaurants

6 Copycat Italian Recipes That Are Way Healthier Than What You Get at Restaurants 1

There’s in no way truly a bad time for Italian meals. Whether you’re planning flowery date nighttime, need crowd-alluring delicacies for a collection dinner, or truly want a casual slice of pizza, you can count on Italian as a quite secure and pleasant bet. That stated, we’re now not going to lie—a number of the meals at American-Italian restaurants nowadays can leave you feeling like there’s a big rock to your belly, way to being heavy at the carbs, soaking wet in wealthy dairy, and frequently pretty meaty. But it doesn’t have to be that manner. Buon appetite! From eggplant Parmesan to risotto, these recipes take some of the maximum usually observed menu items in restaurants and deliver them a healthier spin.


1. Baked Italian Rice Balls With Creamy Marinara Dipping Sauce

Considering they are typically fried and full of cheese, not anything approximately conventional arancini balls are that wholesome (or vegan). They are mouthwatering, although, so re-developing them is a need to. This recipe uses dietary yeast for the cheesiness aspect and bakes the balls to preserve them practically oil-free. What should lead them to even better? A marinara dipping sauce, made creamy with the addition of tahini to preserve the whole thing dairy-free.

2. Healthy and Easy Minestrone Soup

Minestrone in restaurants generally includes tubular or shell macaroni; however, when it’s your kitchen, it’s your preference—why no longer switch things up with gluten-unfastened spaghetti torn into shorter strips? Plus, while most variations of this soup comprise a ton of ingredients, this one takes the “much less-is-greater” approach and relies on fewer than 10 important components to create a nicely pro, outstanding-filling vegetarian soup.


3. Chopped Caprese Salad

The king of all Italian salads is also likely one of the simplest and maximum pleasing. In restaurants, you’ll locate it offered as thick slices of tomato and mozzarella, with basil leaves in-among and balsamic drizzle on the pinnacle. This version serves it up slightly in another way, with cherry tomatoes, balls of cheese, chopped herbs, and balsamic discount all blended up in a bowl. Rest assured, this way tastes just as correct, if not better.

4. Gluten-Free Pasta Fagioli Soup

This pasta and bean soup can normally be counted on as a healthy starter at maximum Italian eating places; however, making it at home guarantees excellent manipulate on every unmarried component. This recipe uses fresh greens and canned beans to choose gluten-free pasta and swap the bacon out for floor pork to make it a heartier dish.

5. Healthier Italian Wedding Soup

Egg whites, oats rather than white bread crumbs, and lean ground chicken instead of pork for the meatballs make this Italian wedding ceremony soup a good deal lighter than the regular kind, simultaneously as pearled couscous in place of pasta truly switches up the textures. Plus, at the same time as maximum wedding soups, use spinach or escarole as their green of preference; this one opts for kale for a chewier chunk and lots of nutrients.

6. Copycat Olive Garden Salad

Few restaurants are memorable for their salads, but Olive Garden’s bread crumb-studded, cheese-garnished pile of veggies drizzled in creamy dressing can’t be beaten. While this recipe is super faithful to the salad elements (right down to the black olives and the pepperoncini peppers), it takes an extremely more healthy technique to the dressing, with Greek yogurt alternative rather than mayo and presumably much less sugar.

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