Video games can help enhance emotional intelligence

While it’s commonly believed that video games are dangerous for youngsters, researchers have located that they could help them examine, explicit, and manipulate feelings while used as part of an emotional intelligence education program. “Video video games can also improve the expression of emotions. However, focus and coping techniques can’t be solely understood with the aid of games. Emotional intelligence can be higher explained while feeling worried from both sides,” Manish Jain, Consultant at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi, informed IANS.

According to the study posted within the Games for Health Journal, researchers from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Italy developed an emotional intelligence education program that included video games as enjoy based totally gaining knowledge of equipment. The researchers created EmotivaMente, a video game, to enhance emotional intelligence among young people, perhaps the group that would advantage the most. They analyzed 121 adolescents who participated in eight periods.

“Fitness games had been designed to deal with a growing variety of issues. An enormously new fitness difficulty is emotional intelligence, which has implications for various health issues, inclusive of coping with stress,” stated Tom Baranowski, Professor at the Baylor College of Medicine inside the US. The preliminary assessment indicated that video games better the scholars’ evaluation and expression of feelings.

Video games

But a few professionals accept that outdoor activities ought to be given more significance to broaden emotional intelligence, which includes awareness of emotions, coping with feelings successfully, and retaining relationships in kids. “In the modern-day in which interaction is increasingly more becoming on-line and extra time is spent indoors, the right manner to build emotional intelligence is people to human beings interactions and connecting, spending a great time with peers and circle of relatives, learning via reviews and remarks,” Samir Parikh, Consultant Psychiatrist, and Director at Fortis Mental Health Programme in Delhi, informed IANS.

“Video video games are not the most prudent way to decorate emotional capabilities. Young people must have a properly-balanced life with adequate outside sports and funding of time and electricity in constructing relationships through working on communique and character-to-individual join,” Parikh said. Sagar Lavonia, Head of Department, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Nayati Medicity, Mathura, believes “human and one-on-one interactions are ideal ways to boom emotional intelligence, especially amongst children, and may by no means be substituted by opportunity techniques .”“However, if more modern strategies are arising, it needs to be very well researched and supervised, preserving in thoughts the vulnerability of teens,” he remarked.

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