Police Supt. Dumlao, alleged brains in Jee Ick Joo killing

Police Supt. Dumlao, alleged brains in Jee Ick Joo killing 1

In a 32-web page resolution, Angeles City RTC Branch 56 Presiding Judge Irin Zenaida Buan stated none of the prosecution witnesses became able to set up Police Supt. Rafael Dumlao conspired with the opposite accused in killing Jee. “Sifting through the memories of the prosecution witnesses, the Court holds that none of them proved a particular act or acts of the accused Dumlao that sincerely set up his complicity in the abduction and killing of the sufferer Jee Ick Joo,” the resolution examine. However, the trial court docket held robust evidence of the guilt of other accused – former policeman Ricky Sta. Isabel and Jerry Omland, an errand boy at the National Bureau of Investigation custodial middle, warranted the denial in their motion to submit bail.

“Considering the memories of the prosecution witnesses, the Court holds that the identical installed the direct acts devoted by the accused SPO3 Sta. Isabel and Jerry Omlang, which factors to the harmony of criminal purpose and design. As a result, evidencing conspiracy among the accused to dedicate the crimes charged,” the court docket dominated. “The stated memories genuinely paint a photo that crimes have been in reality committed and that accused Sta. Isabel and Omland directly participated in the commission of the equal,” it added.

In allowing Dumlao to publish bail, the courtroom pointed out that the stories of witnesses Choi Kyung-jin, spouse of Jee, and household Marisa Davis-Maorquicho no longer point out the participation of Dumlao inside the crime. The trial courtroom additionally did not supply weight to witness PO2 Christopher Baldovino that he heard the phone conversation between Dumlao and Sta. Isabel, whilst the previous inquired from the latter, approximately the October 4, 2016 operation. “Neither can be inferred from the stated communique according to se that the accused Dumlao already agreed or deliberate together with his co-accused the kidnapping and killing of Jee Ick Joo on October 18, 2016,” the courtroom referred to.


The trial courtroom set the bail for Dumlao in the quantity of P300,000 each for kidnapping for ransom with homicide, kidnapping, and severe unlawful detention, carnapping. Aside from Dumlao, Sta. Isabel and Omlang, the Department of Justice, charged Gerardo “Ding” Santiago, owner of the Gream Funeral Services, where the victim’s body changed into brought, and SPO4 Roy Villegas inside the kidnapping for ransom with a homicide case. Villegas, however, become trapped by way of the prosecution as a country witness even as Santiago was charged as simply an accessory.

Meanwhile, the prosecution led using Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Juan Pedro Navera right now filed an urgent ex-parte motion before the trial court docket for the issuance of a keep departure against Dumlao for being a flight risk. Navara said the motion was filed simultaneously as the prosecution panel has yet to acquire an order from the courtroom on the petition for bail of the accused.

“Nonetheless, as a precautionary measure within the event that the petition for bail of the accused may be granted via this Honorable Court, the People herein files this urgent ex-parte movement for preserve departure order and request that the equal is immediately acted upon with the aid of this Honorable Court,” the movement study. Navera noted that except for Santiago, all the accused are charged with capital offenses, which have a maximum penalty of reclusion perpetual. Being an active officer of the Philippine National Police, Navara said Dumlao has the education and entry to gadgets that he can use to finally escape prosecution. “Convincingly, it also evinces that he has the way to travel and is seeking refuge overseas. In the occasion that the accused could be granted bail, he’ll be a flight risk,” the prosecution stated.

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