Homemakers CEO adjudged the first-rate achiever in ‘Home Care Services’

Homemakers CEO adjudged the first-rate achiever in ‘Home Care Services’ 1

Mrs. Lady Johnson, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Homemakers, Africa’s Home Management and Hospitality industry’s progressive sport changer, has been meritoriously given the Best Achiever in Home Care and Management Services award at the fifth Feminine Ghana Achievement Awards in Accra. The CEO of the main process introduction innovator in Ghana’s Professional Home Management and Hospitality area changed into provided among different awesome ladies achievers within the united states of America who contribute immensely to the improvement of both industry and kingdom.

In a put-up-occasion interview, Lady Johnson stated that she is not surprised that she was given the Best Achiever Award even though Homemakers is a rather young participant in the industry. “We’re putting a lot into what we do at Homemakers to deliver not anything however the nice absolutely everyone should dream of,” she defined. According to her, “Homemakers is here to change the face of domestic management and hospitality offerings provision with a uniquely professional contact that is innovatively growing sustainable jobs for the teeming unemployed teenagers whilst delivering price-for-cash pushed high-quality home control services to clients.”

When asked why their consciousness isn’t simplest on supplying expert home management services, however mainly on activity creation, her response turned into, “It’s too frustrating seeing new batches of unemployed graduates be part of old batches at the streets and in communities. It’s the process of marketers to create jobs no longer to whinge about unemployment like absolutely everyone is doing.”


“With the implementation of Free Basic and SHS programs, we’re emptying our streets of unschooled children and replacing them with batches of unemployed graduates from SHS and tertiary institutions. If not anything is creatively and innovatively done to provide these rapid-growing numbers sustainable jobs, they will quickly mature into internal protection challenges among different sick-derivatives. All entrepreneurs have to. As a result, awareness more on process advent to help a government with unemployment answers,” She explained.

According to her, it is out of their ardor to assist in clearing up the developing unemployment problem within the USA. They located some wide gaps in the domestic control and hospitality enterprise. They determined to fill them with innovative solutions that are now sustainable employment resources for many young human beings. “Customers in very dynamic industries are complaining truly about the exceptional of services of graduates produced through both public and personal education institutions, and their concerns must be taken critically,” She determined.

“For instance, business dynamism will no longer permit the equal village youth who once were given a house boy or house lady task without senior excessive education to the land same activity in Accra after SHS if they have no employable professional domestic control skills to offer. So, in the case of Homemakers, we’ve set up Homemakers Academy to train and groom professional home control personnel and Homemakers Pro to vicinity those properly skilled and groomed professionals on jobs. And, we have a very efficient high-quality assurance with powerful tracking and assessment device to make sure uncompromising adherence to our values and standards.”

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