Dr. Oz gives warning after woman’s surprising death:

Dr. Oz gives warning after woman's surprising death: 1

Dr. Mehmet Oz joined “Fox & Friends” Tuesday to offer his angle on the stunning demise of a lady in Australia whose protein-heavy diet is stated to have brought about an undiagnosed condition. Meegan Hefford, 25, advanced a passion for health after her first infant, but it has become a bad obsession following her second infant, her mom explained. Hefford then became concerned in bodybuilding competitions, which required her to preserve a strict food plan filled with protein, before she died years in the past. Dr. Oz said that this situation is not new to him and that one in 10,000 human beings lack the ability to digest protein properly. This situation stems from a complication with the urea cycle, which can be due to too much protein, he explained.


“We assume maybe one in five [cases] of the unexpected infant loss of life syndrome, little infants, definitely had this hassle, and that’s why they get ill. You do not know it because they’re too younger,” he defined. Dr. Oz delivered that this may get worse with age if one’s protein intake increases extensively. “Historically, it wasn’t a hassle due to the fact you weren’t going to have that a whole lot protein to your weight-reduction plan, however with the fads and diets which are out there and preference to lose weight, they overdo it. And this protein powder, in this situation, the younger female turned into apparently taking, can weigh down the cycle,” he stated.


When requested to detect this circumstance, Dr. Oz explains that the frame will produce ammonia if it’s miles unable to correctly digest protein, which could cause lethargy and affect one’s mental country. “A lot of times, you simply come to be subconscious. You’re so sleepy; you just pass out. That’s what came about to her, and they didn’t get to her in time,” he stated, cautioning dieters towards overdoing it with protein. “If you want to have protein powder for breakfast, 15 grams perhaps, that’s k. In an afternoon, we count on human beings to have 70, 80 grams of protein, however, I don’t want you having loads of grams of protein. That’s now not what you’re purported to do. It’s speculated to update simple carbohydrates, now not grow to be the simplest aspect you devour.” The girl’s mother, Michelle White, said she decided to speak out to elevate consciousness and spur the law of protein-packed dietary supplements in Australia.

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