‘Disgraceful’: Cat Snapped Eating Residents’ Food At Aged Care Facility

'Disgraceful': Cat Snapped Eating Residents' Food At Aged Care Facility 1

His wife went into the hallway to grab a plastic cup; she noticed the cat. She ran lower back to inform her husband there was a cat ingesting meals from a trolley full of meals for residents. Rukavina went out of doors to take a photograph, earlier than then filming the incident. He said the cat turned into possibly ingesting the meals for “at the least” 30 to forty seconds. When he began the movie, an employee shooed away the cat, which the power claimed to become a therapy cat for residents.

It isn’t always recognized if that meal is then served to a resident. It becomes the present day in a sequence of incidents that have triggered Rukavina to whinge to both the Royal Commission into Aged Care and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. Earlier the same day, Rukavina claimed he arrived at the facility to locate his mother’s garments blanketed in feces. Photos seen through 10 every day display his mother, who has dementia, with brown stains close to her neck, on her tops and jumper.


Rukavina said whilst he complained to the body of workers approximately the grimy clothes, an employee told him he had checked on his mom simply 15 minutes previous. Rukavina believes his mom has been sitting in a grimy nappy for hours, giving her a rash. “Sometimes we have got to check if the stool’s dry, to see if they’re searching after her or neglecting her,” Rukavina said. In some other incident from October 12 months, Rukavina checked his mother’s teeth and discovered rotten tooth roots. He complained to Aged Care Victoria that same day, and the next day, a dentist arrived and eliminated six decayed tooth roots.

“How do you omit six rotten enamel?” Rukavina asked 10 days by day. He also stated his mother suffered from a rash for six months, which he suspects may have resulted from a cat allergic reaction. Photos visible with the aid of 10 each day display scabs on his mom’s legs and arms. In a letter to personnel contributors dated July 15, 2019, Vicky Kos — identified on LinkedIn as the Director of Nursing on the facility — stated proceedings concerning the cat consuming food and Rukavina’s mom being grimy is “completely unacceptable and will now not be tolerated.”

“Any workforce individuals, nursing or kitchen, located not following policy and procedures or in any bridge (sic) or care will be heavily reprimanded what will likely result in termination of employment,” she stated. She refers to Rukavina’s reviews as a cat “sniffing residents’ meals” and his mother as being “wearing a top with seen brown spots.” The letter reminds personnel that “food desires to be always covered in all sections and at every time for supper.” However, Rukavina stated he has in no way visible food blanketed inside the years he visited his mom weekly. “Poor coaching will now not be tolerated, and once more group of workers determined with any bridge (sic) in care, a team of workers will face critical result’s (sic),” Kos’s letter ends.

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