WOMAN OF PASSION: Any errand, any time, anywhere

WOMAN OF PASSION: Any errand, any time, anywhere 1

Winnie quit her task at a bank to begin a business that offers courier services to hired people running thru busy schedules. She speaks to Simon Mburu. Winnie Lijodi has been hired two years earlier than she ventured into entrepreneurship. Within the ones two years, she worked for two different companies. “My first organization changed into a branding and printing company primarily based in Westlands, Nairobi,” says Winnie, who’s in her early thirties. She labored for 12 months and might take home 15,000 in step with the month.

In early 2016, she was given every other task at a neighborhood bank. She was employed at Kenya Commercial Bank under contractual terms with a month-to-month retainer pay of Sh25,000. Although her new revenue becomes barely better than what she had been incomes on the printing company, it became nevertheless little in assessing what a number of her peers were making in the corporate global.

The notably improved value of residing in Nairobi did no longer make things any less difficult to bear. But whichever way she checked out it, operating at the bank become akin to a dream come genuine. “It was an opportunity that I should have sacrificed a better pay for. I became convinced that it might release me onto a bunch of larger and profitable opportunities inside the banking sector,” she says.


By the stop of 2016, Winnie started to have an exchange of coronary heart. First, her contractual terms have been no longer improving at the same velocity that she may have hoped for. And over the 2-year length that she was in employment, Winnie had begun to develop a love for entrepreneurship. She says it all started with a remark.

“I saw a gap in the manner offices done their day-to-day errands,” she says. For example, says Winnie, she observed that most people in employment struggled to juggle office and purchasing hours. Also, deep down, Winnie longed for the day she would be her very own boss and be able to control her time and create her rules of engagement.

Before she stops her process to challenge the enterprise, Winnie says she started engaging in interviews to become aware of the exact troubles that her undertaking could create answers for. “The interviews vindicated my commentary. Many of these I talked to confessed how they discovered it hard getting time off their work schedules to run small errands such as shopping, picking a parcel on the bus stage, or even going to the market,” she says.

In early 2017, she determined to terminate her banking job contract and begin her very own business. “I advanced my business idea from observation and interviews after which started an actual errands start-up,” she says. She is known for her commercial enterprise Run For You Errands. Today, the business offers courier offerings to employed people operating via busy schedules. “My goal customers are inside the employment discipline. The commercial enterprise runs errands which include buying, selecting clothes from dry cleaners, cleansing, handing over emails, and making use of for government offerings which include driving licenses,” she says.

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