Want A Better Future? Show Kids Work Can Be Fun

Want A Better Future? Show Kids Work Can Be Fun 1

What child hasn’t spent playtime pretending to be a nurse, firefighter, veterinarian, or some different grown-up process? The indoor simulated towns of KidZania take that game to every other level, letting children from 1 to 14 years old function-play in hundreds of different jobs at the same time as incomes kidZos, the forex of KidZania. KidZania presents youngsters with task-specific uniforms, gadgets, and salaries from accountants or pilots to shipping drivers or newshounds, which can be (frequently fast) spent on food, merchandise, or sports consisting of painting instructions at one of the now 27 KidZania parks international.

Helping kids create a more socially responsible global is what entrepreneur Xavier Lopez Ancona envisioned. At the same time, in 1999, he launched his first vocational KidZania park inside the Santa Fe district of Mexico City, welcoming greater than 800,000 visitors in that first yr. As the modern president of KidZania, Ancona “believes that kids deserve a better future,” says senior loyalty supervisor Rafael Dives. “And he understands that the nice manner to assist them in creating that destiny is by using obtaining new capabilities, being concerned for others and the surroundings, and making work fun.”

In addition to producing revenue using promoting almost 10 million tickets each 12 months, KidZania franchises its new parks, with places throughout the globe beginning with Mexico and Seoul, Mumbai, London, Dubai, and Sao Paulo, and 10 greater parks under different degrees of development. The organization additionally receives corporate sponsorships from brands wanting to have a presence within the park. “Kids can deliver programs from a DHL truck or regulate controls from the cockpit of Qatar Airlines plane,” Dives says.


Loyal Citizens

Upon coming into the park, children and their parents are given radio frequency identification bracelets, which percentage the same signal if they get separated in the course of their visits. After passing through a security experiment, youngsters can go to the immigration workplace and obtain their “passports.” “We’re not simply a leisure park, we operate as a nation, and our loyalty application revolves around giving kids citizenship,” Dives says.

Based on the number of visits and the kinds of activities youngsters whole in the park, KidZania offers 3 levels of citizenship—naturalized, prominent and honorable—each with its personal set of task possibilities, salaries, and reductions. After youngsters end up “honorable CitiZens, they earn the opportunity to run for Congress, KidZania’s legislative body this is ruled via 20 young individuals who meet quarterly at a local park to voice their reviews approximately present-day global trends and the way they feel about the services currently being offered at KidZania.

While KidZania’s company executives set the park’s policies, comments from each park’s congress are also used to make decisions approximately how CitiZens and tourists revel in KidZania. The enterprise is also predicated on its congress to gain insight into how it can boom park visits and grow the commercial enterprise. “One of the things we’ve found out is that maximum kids visit the park due to the phrase of mouth,” Dives says. “So our loyalty program is now heavily focused on constructing KidZania advocates.”

Making Business ‘Very’ Personal

Using Oracle Responsys, the Dives’ crew currently launched a new campaign inviting parents to host youngsters’ birthday events at KidZania. KidZania personnel dealing with the entirety, from sending out occasion reminders to supplying food and activities. “The biggest factor for us is that Responsys is moving our marketing applications past sending mass emails that regularly fall flat,” says Dives. “It’s assisting us in executing applications that sincerely trade conduct.”

For example, instead of just blasting out one general model of KidZania’s e-newsletter, KidZania now customizes newsletter content based totally on youngsters’ CitiZen fame, interest interests, or its length on account that they last visited a park. “We used to surely battle whilst parents had multiple youngsters,” Dives says. Now, KidZania can personalize one e-newsletter with particular offers for multiple youngsters inside an unmarried household. “Sometimes the most effective message as simple as, ‘Hi Juan and Karla, you need simply 10 more stamps to attain Honorable CitiZen reputation, which will make you both eligible to run for CongreZZ.’”

KidZania is also using Responsys to behavior A/B checking out on its e-mail situation traces to gauge which messages resonate the maximum with parents. “The park is for the youngsters, but all of our loyalty communications are for the dad and mom,” Dives says. Dives note that except its marketing messages apply to mother and father, commencing quotes and click-via fees will drop, and KidZania will emerge as competing head-on in opposition to each different leisure park lobbying for a family’s time. “We’re extra than just some other playground,” Dives says. “We’re a place where children learn about values, approximately the way to be good residents inside the real international. These are the most crucial attributes of KidZania, that are the foundation of our verbal exchange with dad and mom and that they’re the motives why we’re so selective about our messaging.”

4 Tips For Oracle Autonomous Database Success: An Expert’s View

When Erik Benner receives his hooks into a new generation, his curiosity will now not allow move. So a great deal so that once astronomy caught his fancy, he didn’t merely buy a telescope; he ended up with a properly appointed observatory. And likewise, when he started exploring what Oracle’s maximum powerful engineered database gadget, Oracle Exadata, could do, he ended up with one in his basement.

Benner pushes the new generation to the limit and is unabashed about reporting the good and the awful again. This propensity for interest and candor makes Benner—who owns the amorphous identity of vice-chairman of employer transformation at tech consulting firm Mythics—a famous speaker at tech consumer institution events, where fellow facts experts are seeking out his classes.

His ultra-modern obsession is the self-sufficient database on Oracle Cloud. Available considering 2018, Oracle Autonomous Database deploys, manages, secures, and upgrades itself without human intervention—all obligations generally accomplished using skilled database administrators. Here, after more than a year of running with clients on a mixture of Autonomous Database projects, are four of Benner’s suggestions: One to help you get started, two that save you money, and one gotcha to avoid.

How to Pick Your Autonomous Flavor

The on-premises version of Oracle Database 19c is a single database designed to be configured and satisfactory-tuned on your use case through professionals like Benner. But Oracle Autonomous Database whilst using that same Oracle Database 19c running on Exadata, has been returned for two distinct varieties of paintings and is managed every day through AI and gadget studying algorithms. Those offerings are Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for studying lots of statistics and Oracle Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing mixed workloads.

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