Taylor Swift Says There Are ‘Dozens’ More Easter Eggs

Taylor Swift Says There Are 'Dozens' More Easter Eggs 1

According to Taylor Swift, her fanatics have just scratched the floor when it comes to all the nuggets of information sprinkled for the duration of her cotton sweet-colored song video for “ME!” The hit-making songstress referred to as into the U.K.’s ninety five-106 Capital FM’s “Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp” on Tuesday. She teased that there are actually “dozens” more references hidden within her music video that haven’t been observed yet. “When more song comes out, they may recognize that there are dozens of lyrical references and symbolic references,” she gleefully teased. “But I try and do Easter eggs in, like, type of first-round is stuff they could see that predicts what’s going to happen in a couple of months.”

“There’s also, like, second-tier Easter eggs, to be discovered upon the album,” she defined in crimson plaid and overalls through a video feed. “Then there are third-tier Easter eggs, which might be the maximum deeply embedded Easter eggs, to be, like, shown at the excursion.” From the snake in the video’s first moments to the framed image of the Dixie Chicks on a wall, the tune video for “ME!” is actually bursting with details fanatics are poring over that allows you to ascertain their pop idol’s body of mind, as well as any clues as to what can be predicted from her upcoming album.

Taylor Swift

During the chat, the 29-12 months-vintage singer defined that she wouldn’t have any hobby in planting some of these references if it weren’t for the outpouring of interest she’s obtained from Swifties anywhere. “When we’re planning a music video, and I understand that it would be in reality fun for them, we create, like, a scavenger hunt for the duration of the video,” she endured. “Like, to me, it is more fun than after I used to make films, and I failed to try to plant clues. And I love this. But it is bred from the truth that they’ve let me know through the years that they clearly are seeking out every single detail, so that if they were not interested in the info, then I wouldn’t have amusing placing them in the video.”

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