Super Size Me 2 Trailer Goes After Fast Food Chicken

Super Size Me 2 Trailer Goes After Fast Food Chicken 1

The trailer for Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken has been launched, and Morgan Spurlock is shaking matters up again. While 2004’s Super Size Me noticed Spurlock eating nothing however speedy meals for 30 days, the sequel is presenting a new twist, which has been known as “a revelation.” The first documentary received a ton of interest and even earned an Academy Award nomination within the process. Since then, Spurlock has accomplished different documentary initiatives, bringing it all lower back to fast food recreation.

The complete identity of the sequel is Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken, and it obviously has to do with the most ate up animal on this planet. Instead of dwelling off on fast meals for 30 days and getting sick, Morgan Spurlock is attempting to begin his personal rapid food chain, specializing in fried chook. The trailer suggests Spurlock as he will discover a farm to elevate his personal chickens and prepare them for the restaurant. While the trailer does not give away an entire lot, there’s sufficient to get lovers of the original documentary hooked in.


It seems Morgan Spurlock will try to open his very own fried hen eating place by being absolutely honest together with his clients in Super Size Me 2. Over the years, as the trailer shows, the word “fried” has been changed with “crispy.” Fried has poor connotations, whilst crispy appears like a special feature. Plus, adding sparkling veggies and different greens has been any other way to try and show how deceptively wholesome a fried chicken sandwich maybe. Spurlock will greater than in all likelihood show what free range genuinely method and produce factual nutrients labels.

The tone of Super Size Me, 2 seems very much like the unique 2004 documentary. One has to offer Morgan Spurlock credit for arising with a progressive sequel rather than doing a carbon reproduction of the first documentary. With that being stated, viewers could extra than possibly want to peer an up-to-date version of the authentic movie when you consider a primary push for fast food chains to make their products more wholesome through the years. There are always outliers like Carl’s Jr. And Hardees, who want to flaunt how unhealthy their meals are whilst supplying more healthy selections at the same time, but fitness is the big part of the equation for the most element.

Super Size Me 2 comes after Morgan Spurlock stepped down from his production organization at some point of the height of the #MeToo motion in late 2017. Spurlock admitted to sexual misconduct beyond and apologized earlier than getting referred to as out through an accuser. He also admitted to settling a harassment allegation and cheating on his other halves and girlfriends over the years. It could be exciting to peer how the sequel is acquired while it hits theaters on September 19th. Will, there still be a backlash, or will Spurlock be good enough because he owned as much as his past errors? You can take a look at the trailer for Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken below, way to the Samuel Goldwyn Films YouTube channel.

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