Secure Digital Notebook Software or Online Services

Secure Digital Notebook Software or Online Services 1

If you are one of those folks that take privacy severely, then I am sure you want all of your Notes safe as nicely. In this post, we are sharing a list of some unfastened secure digital pocketbook software. These programs are Note-taking apps, and they make sure all your statistics stay encrypted. Some of them are to be had as a software program even as others are available online.

1. Secure Digital Notebook Software or Online Services

These are several quality personal & comfortable Note-taking apps, digital notebook software programs & online offerings you can use to guard notes, passwords, images, and documents. Saferoom is a software program that may encrypt your facts stored in cloud offerings. It helps you to use something software program you operate daily but makes certain each time you put a file on any of the guide cloud offerings, it’s far secured. When used with Office, you can choose the simplest to encrypt a part of the excel sheet. It gives you the liberty to reveal what you can and cover what you don’t want all of us to study. It helps 1Password and LastPass to facilitate the usage of the passwords. It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome extension, and on Github. The app for Windows says eight.1, but it works for Windows 10 as properly. However, it’s high-quality to apply for the Chrome extension as it works on all supported offerings.

2. ProtectedText.Com

It’s a web-based, totally secure answer in which you could create a unique URL and keep a couple of notes. The URL can be whatever, like “protectedText.Com/some thing.” You get a tabbed interface so you can keep separate records. Further, whilst you pick to store, it’s compulsory to defend it with a password. However, in case you lose it, there may be no way to recover it. No cookies or monitoring. No commercials as they could music you. The codes used to make this carrier viable are to be had publicly for feedback and evaluation. When you get the right to enter the equal URL from unique devices, it makes certain there’s no overwrite.


3. LastPass Secure Notes

LastPass is one of the secured & famous password managers. They also show up to provide Secure Notes that are protected identically as your passwords. They are normally used to shop sensitive information like Bank Account numbers and so forth.; you could use them to shop notes as properly. All your statistics are encrypted locally in your computer with the key you chose, so nobody will have to get the right of entry to it.

Install the software, create an account and you are all set. Here you may keep as many notes as you want. It also offers features like collaboration and sharing, so you can usually paint with a group. Apart from taking notes, you may use it to prepare almost everything. It is to be had as a browser extension to add bookmarks, passwords, lists and sync them across devices. It uses excessive-quit cryptography to guard statistics and makes positive to shield towards statistics leaks, aggressive advantage, or blanket government surveillance. You also can pick out to install your Turtle server and host all the facts interior it.

4. Joplin.Cozic.Net

Joplin is any other unfastened, open supply but a decentralized observe-taking tool. It lets you host your notes on your laptop or over a website or even on a Dropbox account. It gives up-to-quit encryption to make sure the information is secured at some stage in transmission and on the vacation spot. It is to be had for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. Here is a list of its functions:

View your notes in simple textual content, markup, and cut-up display.
You can attach a record of any size if you’ve got the area to host it.
Can automatically backup your records.
It gives a browser extension.
It supports notes, to-dos, tags, and notebooks.
The entire facts are usually available on the device, even without a web connection.
You can search for your notes.
Edit it for your favored editor.

The list concludes a number of the excellent unfastened cozy virtual pocketbook software or online offerings. The information in the one’s notes remains secure, and some of them even permit you to host your statistics for your pc. Let us know which comfy observation software you’re using.

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