Regurgitator’s Pogogo Show: ‘Doing a children album truely feels genuine to our nature’

Regurgitator's Pogogo Show: ‘Doing a children album truely feels genuine to our nature' 1

Most rock bands work very difficultly at being severe. Credibility and being cool is everything – but in case you’re a rock-celebrity parent, the one’s things count for nothing whilst it’s time to head home. Then you might sing silly songs to your youngsters in between chores or when you’re dropping them off at school before it’s time to put at the mask again and going lower back on tour. Brisbane rock band embodies their silly facet and collaborates with their youngsters, and the result is anything but uninteresting.

Regurgitator has by no means worked difficult at being serious and feature recorded a whole album of the songs they sang to their children. The result is Regurgitator’s Poggio Show: The Really Really Really Really Boring Album, with Ben Ely’s 14-yr-old daughter Dee Dee doing backing vocals and telling testimonies in among songs. The result is whatever, however dull, and sounds, properly, like a Regurgitator album. That is, without the swearing, however, with masses of farting, for youngsters.

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The Poggio Show should catch on – especially because it’s already branching out into live shows. TIn recent times, the conventional Brisbane 3-piece (Quan Yeomans, Ben Ely, and Peter Kostic) are spread out in recent times, with Yeomans in Melbourne and Kostic in Sydney. But all have children, and so too do a maximum of the band’s Generation X lovers, who’d come to the gigs on a night off (or on a date night). But, as Ely says within the backyard of his Brisbane domestic, this turned into no calculated Cockroaches-to-Wiggles type transformation. As a lot as it is a mirrored image of parenthood, it’s an extension of his near 30-yr friendship with Yeomans.


You recognize that mate who you’re a piece sillier with than other humans?” he says. “Quan and I actually have this very juvenile courting. When we get collectively, we strive and make each different snort, and a variety of those Regurgitator songs come from that area. Making a report, we’d usually discover ourselves pulling returned from being complete idiots, but doing a kid’s album; this is the venture wherein it absolutely feels proper to our nature. We can leap off that fool cliff.”

Dee Dee, who was obviously named after the late Ramones bass player, took it more severely. “We form of wrote it collectively,” she says. “A lot of it became from childhood. And it turned into a thrilling, but it additionally taught me to be confident in being able to express myself via a couple of mediums, and generating a document become simply a clean way of having some of these thoughts available.”

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t amusing. Mr. Butt, as an instance, became one of those songs that came from a faculty-run years ago. “We have been driving, and we saw a bike owner, and his pants had been now not where they need to be,” Dee Dee says. “You ought to see numerous cracks, and Dad just started out tapping on the steering wheel as he generally does and pointing.” And I stated, pull your pants up, Mr. Butt!” Ely finishes. “And then we invented this individual called Mr. Butt, whose pants keep falling.”

Later, Ely made a papier-mache Mr. Butt for the youngsters indicates. “I concept it would take more than one hour, and it took about per week. But creatively, it’s a form of amusement. I wager what’s continually appealed to us about being in a band is it’s not simply guys in a room gambling track; there’s such a lot of different components.”

The album turned into recorded with children’s guitars and drums, tracked in an unmarried afternoon in a Melbourne studio, and combined the next day. Immediacy turned into the whole thing. “Kids don’t reflect consideration on things; they simply act,” Ely says, probably referring to himself. “They don’t think, ‘I’m going to draw a hearth truck’; they simply draw a hearth truck. There are now not very many premeditated ideas.”

“And with a target market of youngsters, you can make it a bit greater creative,” Dee Dee says. “You also can have fun with it; you don’t need to persist with a certain persona or visual impact.”

What approximately bringing The Poggio Show to the small display? Dee Dee is way ahead of Dad right here. “I suppose with the present-day era, you’ll need to transport it to more than one system to virtually take off because now not absolutely everyone’s going to be on ABC,” she tells him. “If you want to position it on YouTube, all that stuff, widen your horizons – like, I can help you!” After all, why wouldn’t they want to take songs like Farting Is A Part of Life to suburban homes around Australia? As Dee Dee says to Ben, “It’s no longer like you’ve got a recognition to uphold or something.”

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