Interestingly, Winnie says that beginning the enterprise did no longer require a heavy capital investment. She started it with Sh1,000. “I began with Sh1,000, which I pulled out of my savings. I used the money to shop for a shipping bag, shipping e-book, and a word book,” she says. But attracting profits turned into not as clean as she had imagined. “I faced the principal hurdle of building consider and a recurrent purchaser base. For a begin, I had ventured right into a subject that touched at the touchy and private factors of human beings,” she says. It took time for her to start getting return clients. One referral at a time, she began to get a few profits.


She provides that overdue bills from some customers who did not preserve her commercial enterprise in high regard also became a mission. “I became new in the area, and a few clients tended to disregard making bills. They felt that perhaps the money was no longer so urgent and, or tended to look down on my hustle,” she says.

This compounded subjects for her. On the one hand, she wanted cash to keep her begin-up going. On the other hand, she did not want to lose any of her early clients. “Fortunately, I had advanced, accurate consumer relation talents at my previous jobs. They came in reachable as I approached my clients and made them comprehend why they needed to make their bills on time,” she says. Winnie becomes so convincing that she did not lose the majority of her later payers.

It is now two years because she commenced her commercial enterprise. “I feel humbled that there are customers who have remained unswerving to my commercial enterprise from the first provider I offered them years in the past,” she says. Nonetheless, her venture has not been entirely immune to losses. She provides that there are times when she had pondered remaining the commercial enterprise and making a return to employment. “There had been instances early on while things weren’t running. Money wasn’t coming via, and I took into consideration last down,” she says. But intermittent calls to an obligation by using her customers saved her going.

Since she runs the commercial enterprise alone, Winnie says navigating thru Nairobi’s heavy traffic has been a key assignment. “There are instances while my services had been not on time by using heavy traffic. This does not usually sit nicely with customers,” she says. But searching again, Winnie says she has found out there’s nothing that may prevent a decided mind from cracking thru an enterprise.

“I even have found out that birthing and nurturing an enterprise requires heavy doses of persistence and passion,” she says. “It isn’t always constantly about capital, but the dedication to preserving on till money begins to return through,” she says. Over the following five years, Winnie says she is aiming to set up a proper office with ok transport equipment including motorbikes. “My purchaser base is growing, and with right business management, I am confident that I get there,” she says.

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