Jiggy with the Piggy Dessert Competition winners announced

During the Jiggy with the Piggy Festival, held in Kannapolis May three-4, the teams participating within the Kansas City Barbeque Society competition additionally competed in a dessert contest. One hundred community leaders judged the competition on Friday night.

This year’s dessert champions are:

Pies – Appearance

1st Place – Grate Smoke (Banana Cheesecake)

2nd Place – BB’s Smoke Shack (Key Lime Cheesecake)

3rd Place– House of Smoke (Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake)

4th Place–2 Guys and A Chick (Oreo Cheesecake)

Pies – Taste

1st Place – BB’s Smoke Shack

2nd Place – Grate Smoke

3rd Place (tie) – House of Smoke and 2 Guys and A Chick

Cakes – Appearance

1st Place – Palmetto Pitmasters (Pecan Pie Cheesecake)

2nd Place – Smoke Monster BBQ (German Chocolate Cheesecake)

3rd Place– JL Smokers (Pecan Pie Cheesecake)

4th Place – Smokin Blue Q


5th Place Tie – Creekside Smokers NC and Grizzly Cornfed Barbeque

Cakes – Taste

1st Place – Smoke Monster BBQ (German Chocolate Cheesecake)

2nd Place – Palmetto Pitmasters (Pecan Pie Cheesecake)

3rd Place– JL Smokers (Pecan Pie Cheesecake)

4th Place – Creekside Smokers NC

5th Place – Grizzly Cornfed Barbeque

6th Place – Smokin Blue Q

Other Desserts Category – Taste & Appearance

1st Place – 270 Smokers (Bourbon Carmel)

2nd Place – Big Money BBQ (Pudding Cake)

City of Kannapolis personnel also joined within the amusing by competing for exceptional dessert honors in a separate competition additionally judged by using network leaders.

Employee Winners are:

1st Place – Sandy Howell (Cheerwine Float Cake)

2nd Place – Ginger Overcash (Cherry Pound Cake)

3rd Place – Tina Cline (Red Velvet Trifle)

4th Place – Don Gray

5th Place Tie – Beth Hassenfritz and Lori Parker

6th Place – Renee Butler


1st Place – Tina Cline (Red Velvet Trifle)

2nd Place – Sandy Howell (Cheerwine Float Cake)

3rd Place Tie – Ginger Overcash (Cherry Pound Cake)

4th Place – Lori Parker

fifth Place – Beth Hassenfritz

sixth Place – Don Gray

7th Place – Renee Butler

A pal of mine instructed me that my article, ” Mouth-Watering Thai Desserts” on August 9th, 2008, does no longer have data on the flour used in Thai cakes. My buddy changed into right – I cited flour in one of the seven principal substances but I did now not write whatever approximately flour. Thus, continuing from the previous article on “Mouth-Watering Thai Desserts” this text will consciousness on flour utilized in Thai desserts. Taken collectively, those two articles supply a fuller photo of Thai cakes. The following are the common flours used in Thai cakes: sticky rice flour, rice flour, cassava starch, corn starch, wheat flour, arrowroot starch, and mung bean flour.

Sticky Rice Flour (paeng Khao now)

Sticky rice flour is likewise called “candy rice powder” or “glutinous rice flour.” It is crafted from short-grain sticky rice that will become wet, company and sticky when cooked. This is because of its proportionally higher range of waxy starch molecules. With its chewy texture, sticky rice flour is a fave base for buns and pastries. Sticky rice flour is often combined with simple rice flour to create a variety of Thai cakes.

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