I’m A Fashion Writer Who Bikes To Work — & This Is What I Wear

I'm A Fashion Writer Who Bikes To Work — & This Is What I Wear 1

Disclaimer! I am now not a professional biker. I don’t recognize how to alternate a tire; I’ve in no way touched a “fixie”; I simply found out approximately hand signals, and I am probably nevertheless doing them incorrectly. However, I must possibly position my emotions of imposter syndrome apart (said each female at some point in her existence) because, notwithstanding those shortcomings, I do trip my motorbike every single day. Mostly because I am convinced it’s the best manner to get around. You burn calories without burning fuel, and in case you’re cycling in a city, you’re possibly getting in your vacation spot quicker than every person stuck on the subway or sitting in traffic.

As the fashion market editor here at the Shopping group, I’m right here to dispel any belief that you have to sacrifice fashion (if the style is something you’re enthusiastic about, too) if you want to stay that cycling lifestyle. I wish I had a higher monitor here, but the fact is that using doesn’t affect the way I get dressed very much. There are things I don’t wear — billowing silk skirts, heels, polyester, something — however, for the maximum component, I get dressed the manner I need and feature some easy hacks and sworn-through pieces to optimize my clothes for safety and practicality.


Helmet! This listing makes a specialty of fashion and is decidedly tools-free, but as a smart female, as soon as advised me: it’s not a motorbike without a helmet. Do now not even question the necessity of this life-saving accessory. I sincerely feel so bad that I am not carrying one in this picture. My modern noggin protector is from the logo Thousand, and it’s as suitable as any. Don’t complain approximately the fee, either — $89 is a small price to pay for your lifestyle.

If you’re going to be cycling in the town, the nice form of the helmet — and the only one that I have — is a commuter fashion. They’re extra elegant and have much less aggressively overall performance-y bells and whistles that you don’t actually need in case you’re no longer logging 50 miles daily and/or cruising via rocky terrain — and I suspect if you have interaction in those latter forms of biking, this piece may not be for you. (Although, thanks for analyzing.) If you want an extra element on specific sorts of helmets, REI has a tremendous primer.

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