Heart of Louisiana: Cajun French Music Hall of Fame

Heart of Louisiana: Cajun French Music Hall of Fame 1

The Southwest Louisiana town of Eunice has ended up a hotbed for Cajun songs, and if you need to study extra approximately the legends of Cajun French songs, you could see them all in a Hall of Fame Museum. When you force via the metropolis of Eunice, you’re surrounded with the aid of a Cajun French tune. It’s on nearby radio stations, you could dance to it in a vintage Vaudeville theater or an old barn, and you can hear jam periods at the Prairie Acadian Cultural Center or a nearby track save. And Eunice is also domestic to the Cajun French Music Hall of Fame. The partitions of the museum are protected with photographs and tales of musical legends.

“You need to be a damn proper musician and played returned broadly speaking inside the days when Cajun track was not in style. Now these human beings performed on front porches played at local dance halls and stuff like that,” stated Louis Paver, who works with the museum. The nominees come from greater than a dozen chapters of the Cajun French Music Association, and nowadays, the Hall of Fame includes greater than a hundred artists. Museum site visitors come from around the sector. “When all and sundry come in here, they recognize what they’re looking for,” stated Elaine Moosa, who also works with the museum.


“They’re looking for a person they have heard play or sing. They’ve long passed to a pageant somewhere, and they want to see his image; they need to study his bio.” You can see some of the earliest recordings of the Cajun track, dance corridor promotions, and contraptions that have been performed via a number of the masters. “We have fiddles; we’ve got plenty of accordions. We have guitars, and we have hats and belts. We have a terrific series of devices,” Moosa stated. And Eunice is an area where for more than 50 years, musicians old and young have gathered each Saturday morning at Marc Savoy’s song shop for a Cajun jam session.

“And you see a gaggle of those younger children come in there like that, and that they want that track to continue,” Parvus said. The music and the specific subculture make locations like this a need to prevent many travelers. “They locate that our way of life is certainly specific, and they’ll tell me regularly, ‘Don’t lose it,’” Moosa said. The Hall of Fame celebrates nearly a century of Cajun French track, and with its growing recognition, more images and biographies may turn out to be on the walls for the long time to come.

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