Fieldpiece Instruments Opens UK Office for Sales and Customer Service

Fieldpiece Instruments opened a U.K. Office to feature its European operation and provide income and customer support in the United Kingdom. “Along with our warehouse in The Netherlands, moving into this new workplace in England permits us to serve our clients in Europe better,” stated Russell Harju, president of European operations, Fieldpiece. The workplace may even function as technical help and guarantee carrier facility to Europe as an entire. “We are excited that Michael Harris, an experienced HVACR professional, is heading up the workplace as wellknown manager of the European team.”

Customer Service

Harris has a mechanical engineering history and is a member of the U.K.-based totally Institute of Refrigeration. For greater than 27 years, Harris led income and managed new business improvement international in many sectors of the refrigeration and air conditioning enterprise. He joined Fieldpiece Instruments B.V. In September 2017 to establish the European entity, especially developing the U.K. Ability marketplace. “We’re opening our doors in England due to the extensive potential the U.K. Area has to provide,” stated Harris. “We look ahead to Fieldpiece being part of the growing HVACR community right here.”

Perhaps you heard about the most important cable and Internet company that made “headline” information the ultimate year when a purchaser recorded a call to the employer’s customer service middle. The customer had truly called to terminate his carrier, but first, the representative he spoke to insisted upon asking him some questions. The agent asked why the patron desired to disconnect because the corporation provided exceptional services and an exceptional price.

The agent basically refused to accept the reality that the client absolutely desired to disconnect his service. After the client listened for several mins, he was given the concept to file the decision together with his iPhone. The agent went on and on for extra than 15 minutes in total. The client, in the end, published the disastrous call on social media, and the incident went viral. Now, I’m not here to bash a selected enterprise; rather, I mention the incident as a learning opportunity. A customer support fiasco like this can appear to any corporation. It could appear in a telephone call or a face-to-face interaction. So, permit’s examine what we can examine from this unlucky occasion and the way to keep away from comparable trouble with our customer support.

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