Ericsson trials high-speed wireless connectivity for open-street independent delivery carrier with Transdev

The sturdy, agile and at ease performance characteristics of LTE and 5G networks continue to power the development of sensible, independent transport answers – enabled thru important cell broadband offerings and coffee-latency vehicle-to-vehicle verbal exchange. At Mobile World Congress 2019, Ericsson and Transdev are pronouncing their collaboration for the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab* (RNA) challenge because the first on-demand shared and autonomous shipping provider on open roads in Europe. The RNA task allows self-reliant operation of four ZOEs Renault and, soon, an i-Cristal Transdev – Lohr goes back and forth.


Ericsson, a partner of the RNA task, guarantees the comfy and seamless operation of the use case thru the deployment of a non-public high-speed LTE wi-fi network infrastructure. The community, to be live in March 2019, interconnects different parts of the Autonomous Transport System – ATS with the aid of Transdev: the self-reliant vehicles, the linked infrastructure (sensors, LIDAR) and the supervision inside the operating control center. The private community infrastructure operates in three exceptional 3GPP frequency bands (inside the 2600 MHz range) and offers LTE network information speeds of eighty Mbit/s in downlink and 29 Mbit/s in the uplink.

Franck Bouétard, head of Ericsson France, says: “The cooperation with Transdev is an awesome opportunity for us to explore enterprise necessities toward 5G, using our crucial cell broadband solutions to deliver new customer enjoy as a part of this super autonomous automobile venture, particularly in Europe. Our Private LTE networks significantly improve communications by providing comfortable and scalable new cellular broadband services.”

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