The Oromo strategy for the Ogaden problem


It’s more obvious that historically and today that Ogadens and Oromos will never get along. There is no worry because Oromos have other tribes to make deals within Somali region however Oromos attitude needs to change. Ogaden tribe only makes about 50% percent of Somali region and majority of northern part of Somali region belongs to Isaac tribe which reside in “Somaliland.” The Somalis in Dire Dawa belong majority to the Hawiye tribe and there are Issa tribe which also reside in Djibouti also in Ethiopia. The Oromos must understand the expansionist agenda of Ogadens is an agenda used by their former dictator of Somalia in 1977. The drunken and illiterate rulers of Somali region who are Ogaden have made sure other tribes don’t hold power and are stripped from their dignity. I advice Oromos and even OLF also diaspora to cut all ties with Ogadens, form ties with Isaac/Issa/Hawiye Somalis who want to end Ogaden rule in Somali region. Ethiopia’s federalism failed Somalis and Somali region due to it being ethnic based where Somalis base their society around tribe so, that is why the illiterate president of Somali region Abdi Illey needs to step down before he kills more Somali tribes. Ogaden tribal warlords like Illey have put Ogadens from their clan into the highest position of Somali region.

The people of Somali region who aren’t part of this warlords’s tribe are treated 2nd class, the people of Issa have been treated horribly secondly Abdi Illey used Liyu police to massacre Isaacs in Somali region. They have nobody to speak for them so, it must be us who will do it for them.


Tribes of Somali region




Hawiye – many tribes within Hawiye

Minority Somali tribes


Author: Ali Samson

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