The hypocrisy of Oromo diaspora activists


Oromo activist who dislike OPDO/EPRDF continue to state that some Ethiopians have an Oromo phobia, I agree with that statement that some but not all however, the same group that is a victim of anti-Oromo propaganda have chose to victimize OPDO.

These groups of activists don’t want peace and stable Oromia where Oromos prosper as without them in power means nothing for Oromo prosperity. The sad thing for these groups of activists who claim to be Oromo but try to sabotage not an opponent to the cause rather clearly sabotage Oromia’s government while they are trying to help Oromos is a very sad state. The number example of these activist would be Tsegaye Ararasa; Tsegaye is a man falling because he refused to be saved by OPDOs when we tried giving him a hand. Does Tesgaye understand politics and that we aren’t enemies forever, if politics is nothing but an idea then why do you choose to make it personal. Men like Tsegaye have a phobia but understand that we all have phobia including I, I had a phobia of OLF and Oromos with different views than OPDO/EPRDF, nonetheless I changed because I saw my faults. What changed me was that I saw the suffering of my fellow brothers and sisters then asked myself whether this was my final goal or should I accept it that I can’t change everything. Maybe men like Tsegaye and Jawar need to accept that we are different but we all have the same end goals for Oromos and that is a prosperous and free Oromia. Please brothers and sisters don’t look at who is bringing the change rather focus on the benefits of it, I would accept OLF/OFC/KWO rule if it meant Oromo peace and prosperity.


Author: Ali Samson

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