The evil within: Abdi Illey


Ethiopia in 26 years of EPRDF government has never witnessed a more cowardly president and hate filled as Abdi Mohammed Illey. This is a man who is hell bent on destroying Ethiopian unity and a direct proof that he needs to step-down before he causes more chaos. For the last few weeks, Tigrian activist and Somali region have been cuddling with each other while others notice but what we fail to understand is what brought this unholy alliance of Tigrian activist and Tigrian region government officials and Somali region together. Abdi Illey strategy of turning Amhara against Tigray and Oromo against Amhara maybe a propaganda but for someone like Illey; he is determined to do anything to be in power in Somali region while he uses Liyu police to kill people who question his authority by accusing them of being the banned group named ONLF. There is 100% proof on video Abdi Illey insisting that Tigrians and Amharas can’t get along and Amharas and Oromos are arch enemies so, why are these so, called EPRDF lovers of Somali region with ESPDP fail to mention their own president hatred for the co-existences of ethnics.

When you look at Somali region and Oromia region then you may say Somali region is more successful at combating violence and uprisings but what many fail to acknowledge is unlike the mercenary army Liyu police, Oromia police doesn’t kill civilians. Many times when Liyu police was challenged by armed fighters or armed farmers they chose to run away and this continues that Somali can’t fight armed groups nor can they fight any Ethiopian force. What we asks to our Somali neighbors is that your fake relationship with Tigray region nor will your cowardly acts will save you and that this is the last time you terrorize civilians in the border also in Somali region. The readers must understand how many times Liyu invaded Somalia, Somaliland and Kenya and please let’s remind ourselves Oromia police never invaded territory that doesn’t belong to Oromos. Killing civilians and locking up your opponents in Somali region doesn’t make you tough or great ESPDP and your tactics won’t be ignored by Oromia regional government which stands for justice and democratic rights unlike Abdi Mohammed Illey.

I insist Oromia region to build up Oromia police to thwart any attacks from Abdi Illey’s force that he uses to bend Somali region and his neighbors with destruction. The only way to stop a murderous sociopath like Abdi Illey and all his supporters is direct hit so, let’s not ignore this crazed maniac anymore.

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