No control over Oromummaa: Embrace it


My fellow Oromos in EPRDF must understand permanent and temporary friendships and that you can determine but can’t control. We can’t change history but we can work on the present to create a better future for all Oromos so, it’s in the interest of all OPDOs to either move to the right or the left however being in the center is suicide. EPRDF nightmare is OLF, a party that doesn’t have a standing army or a political will nonetheless our geo politics is determined on killing any support OLF would likely receive. The mother of Oromo nationalism, OLF has been the hearts of Oromos without a label so, we might as well say that OLF is in everyone including OPDOs. It’s our job to speak and fight for every Oromo suffering in an Ethiopian prison due to being labelled OLF or being labelled an extremist, believe me EPRDF can’t survive without OPDO.

Those who continue to support EPRDF current policy on labeling any Oromo who seems vocal about issues as an extremist must understand that it will come back to bite you when you are also labelled as an extremist for acting differently due to a radical change. It’s humiliation for every Oromo who are members of EPRDF seeing Dr. Merera and Bekele Gerba also thousands of others Oromo political prisoners. This is why OPDO must move left or right but can’t stay in the center so, that we can free our prisoners from the unjust and unfair sentences. If you claim to stand for Oromos as a political party then you have to stand for Dr. Merera and Bekele Gerba who have been labelled as a terrorist. We have to help them in the name of Oromo because beyond the party politics, they are Oromo and the “O” in OPDO stands for Oromo.


Author: Ali Samson

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